Sleep and Breathe Essential Oil Kit (Set of 6)

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This Sleep and Breath Blend takes a slightly more holistic approach by also adding oils that help with different causes of sleeplessness including blood sugar imbalance, nerve tension, hormonal imbalance, stress, and nasal congestion. 

Helping people sleep is a major part of what essential oils are used for. This is typically achieved through relaxation before sleep. 

Suggested Recipe:
Bergamot – 3 drops
Eucalyptus - 5 drops
Lavender - 15 drops
Clary Sage - 10 drops
Geranium - 10 drops
Ylang Ylang - 5 drops

ArOmis essential oils are certified organic in Holland and have an amazing rich aroma because they are grown in the rich volcanic soils of Africa. If you check around on the internet you will find that our prices for Certified Organic Essential Oils are competitive with non-certified oils at about half the cost that certified oils are normally priced at retail. Their essential oils are made in South Africa by a very established grower who normally only supplies the sophisticated European market.

We have a mission of sustainability that is fully expressed in our small agroforestry farmer produced essential oils. In the spirit of fair trade and environmental stewardship, using African oils grown in tropical and sub tropical areas encourages local farmers to use less land more wisely and to preserve the indigenous forests by growing high value crops in harmony with the surrounding forests replacing corn and other destructive fertilizer and slash and burn agricultural crops.

Some information about the oil selection in the kit. There are a range effects that particular essential oils cause. These include, relaxation, stimulation, cleansing of exterior, and cleansing of interior that are covered by the oils that are included. They all also have different emotional effects.

The "Sleep and Breathe" are the 6 constituent oils in our Sleep and Breathe blend. This blend is designed to support healthy and restful sleep by promoting relaxation and healthy breathing. Our blend is heavy on the relaxing florals and rightly so.


All ArOmis oils are Certified Organic. Their oils have a great story! Their oils come from the rich soils of South Africa. The farmers for the oil crops are all small rural family farmers who make more money in less space and are thus able to preserve more natural habitat. Some of the oils are wild-crafted which means that the crops grow naturally in the wild and are harvested by hand. These are the most sustainable and natural types of oil crops you can find. 


The oils in our kit include the following: 
Lavender, Eucalyptus, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Clary Sage, Geranium.