Pup-Pourri Organic Dog Deodorizer

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Having a hard time removing that distinct odor that your furry friend leaves behind? Introducing Pup-Pourri - oh it smells so good! It's a fragrant blend of citrus, Lavender, and Niaouli. These oils are anti-fungal and deodorizing. 

~Created and hand-crafted by a Certified Aromatherapist with training in Animal Aromatherapy~

Made with only organic or wild-crafted ingredients!

Phew, what's that smell? Oh yeah, you are a dog owner and Fido is stinking up the house with his lovely canine scent. No worries, Pup-Pourri is a great, all natural option to help remove those pet odors from your home or car. This powerful blend of essential oils and liquid plant enzymes can help eliminate that "dog" smell from fabrics; and it's even safe to spray on Fido too.

TO USE: Shake gently, then mist generously on your couch, carpet, or window treatments. Alternatively, you can spray your dog's body (avoiding face). When using on dog, only use 1-2 spritzes. Do not get in eyes.

Plant Enzymes are a gentle but effective way to remove odors because they break down smelly proteins.

4 oz BPA free spray bottle.

*Even though essential oils are natural and these ones are safe for dogs, they are not meant to be taken internally. Keep out of reach of dog when not in use.
Consult with your vet before use. Do not use on puppies under 12 weeks.

*These products are carefully crafted by a Certified Aromatherapist. Even though, essential oils are considered safe and natural, they should not be used on babies, small children or during pregnancy/nursing unless approved by your physician. Never ingest essential oils and always purchase from an educated source.

*These products and statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to treat, cure, or prevent and disease.

Individual results may vary.