Peaceful Pooch Therapeutic Organic Calming Spray for Dogs

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Need something to calm down your furry friend? Try "Peaceful Pooch" for a organic approach to relax and reduce their nervousness. The therapeutic essential oils in this blend are safe for dogs and have proven to help calm, soothe, and comfort anxious dogs. 

~Created and hand-crafted by a Certified Aromatherapist with training in Animal Aromatherapy~

Made with only organic or wild-crafted ingredients!

Sometimes our sweet pups need a little calming. Whether it be a scary thunderstorm, separation anxiety or hyperactivity, we would like to relax them naturally. Peaceful Pooch can help do that. 

This is also effective to use before company comes over, it helps keep him/her from jumping all over the guests.

And of course, it is perfect to use when your dog rides in the car to minimize his/her nervous whining.

To Use: Simply spray onto the dog's fur (avoiding eyes) or onto his dog bed to create a relaxing environment. Many people apply the spray to a dog's thunder vest before putting it on. Alternatively, you can spritz onto a bandana and tie around the dog's neck.

Small dogs only need 1-2 sprays, Larger dogs 2-3 sprays

For separation anxiety, a dog trainer recommends training the dog as follows:
Spray a bit of the Peaceful Pooch then spend time petting the dog and do not walk away. Then the next time, spray, pet dog and walk away for a short time. Continue doing this a few times, then walking away for a bit longer each time. Just like Pavlov's dog, your furry friend will soon associate the scent with your comfort. So, when you ultimately do leave for a while, they will be more calm. 

- The emulsifier (what mixes oil and water) and the preservative in this product are 100% safe and natural.

Here is what others are saying about Peaceful Pooch!
--- "Peaceful Pooch is a godsend for my dog in the car! I use it on a bandana and she completely relaxes. No more whining, panting and drooling!" S.D.

---- "Was quickly shipped and smells nice. I highly recommend looking and the ingredients and familiarizing yourself with their unique smells. Essential oils have a distinct smell, I especially can pick up ylang ylang anywhere. When sprayed this was not over powering by any means but enough to disperse well. My furrbaby was not set off by this one bit. I am not sure how well it works just yet, as I have only used it once. Although I will say he has very bad separation anxiety and tends to pace. He did not pace at all after using this! I will continue to use frequently and note any concerns I have." Cherae G

*Even though essential oils are natural and these ones are safe for dogs, they are not meant to be taken internally. Avoid spraying in areas where dog will lick.
Consult with your vet before use. Do not use on puppies under 12 weeks.

*These products are carefully crafted by a Certified Aromatherapist. Even though, essential oils/herbs are considered safe and natural, they should not be used on babies or during pregnancy/nursing unless approved by your physician.

Never ingest essential oils and always purchase from an educated source.

*These products and statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to treat, cure, or prevent and disease.

Individual results may vary.