Hammam Home Spa Gift Set - 8 Scents

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The Hammam is the ultimate home spa beauty Kit.  Home spas are easy and fun. Either together or alone, 15 minutes or 90 minutes it is up to you. There is no need to spend hundreds of $'s on professional spa treatments.  Just try our home spa products and you will see the difference. The road to clean, healthy and ravishing skin and hair is just a few steps away.

The Hammam is the perfect gift for anyone wanting gloriously healthy skin and complexion. Your spirits will be uplifted and overall well being improved.  


  • 100% organic Argan Oil - 2 oz
  • Moroccan "Beldi" Black Soap - 8.0 oz
  • Atlas Mountain Lava Clay Mask - 250 ml / 8.8 oz
  • Kessa Exfoliating Glove
  • Loofah Poof
  • Super Large Toiletry Bag

Pure, Organic Argan Oil - Our 100% pure, organic Argan oil has amazing properties and is pure heaven for your hair and body. It is a light hydrating oil and a natural moisturizer that is easily absorbed and has high amounts of vitamin E, essential fatty acids and anti-oxidant. Argan Oil has numerous benefits including protection against fine lines and wrinkles on skin and neck,moisturizing dry skin, protection against stretch marks, and neutralize free-radicals.  Imported from Morocco - Bottled in USA

Moroccan "Beldi" Black Soap- This is the mainstay of all Hammam Spa rituals.  Made from olives and olive oil, this 100% natural soap helps deep clean, moisturize, detoxify and prepare your skin for exfoliation.  Imported from Morocco - Bottled in USA

Ghassoul Clay Mask - Mined deep in the Atlas Mountains this pure organic argile clay has been used for centuries as a cleanser for both skin and hair.  Applied as a smooth paste it will gently draw impurities and toxins from the pores without drying out the skin.  A must for those wanting a complete skin purification. Imported from Morocco - Bottled in USA

Kessa Exfoliating Glove - So simple yet so effective.  This, not-to-course, glove will gently remove dead skin cells and unwanted toxins.  Dermatologists universally agree that the key to great looking healthy skin is to exfoliate regularly.  This Kessa is the perfect compliment and a cornerstone of Moroccan Hammam Spa.  Imported from Morocco / Packaged in USA


Moroccan “Beldi” Black Soap -  It all starts with steam and heat.   Prepare your skin with a hot, steamy bath or shower to open the pores.   Apply evenly by massaging your skin with your hands or loofah. Leave for 5-10 minutes. Rinse.
Moroccan Kessa -  rub energetically to remove dead skin, unwanted bacteria and toxins to open pores and stimulate lymph and circulatory systems.  Dermatologists agree that regular exfoliation is the secret to glowing, healthy skin. Rinse  (use weekly)
Ghassoul Clay - a local mineral clay extracted from the ancient Atlas Mountains.  Mix with water for a smooth, silky paste.  Apply to face and body.  Feel the detoxing take effect.  Unique absorption properties help extract impurities and blackheads and leave your skin super fresh, clean and toned without a drying effect.  Incredible hair mask too.  (use weekly).
100% Pure, Organic Argan Oil - Finish with a luxurious Argan Oil massage.  A rare and beautifying oil will moisturize and hydrate your skin for smooth, silky finish.  Your skin (and hair) needs daily moisturizing to remain healthy and young looking. (use daily)